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Courses & Workshops 2021

*We regret that because of Covid19 restrictions the courses  listed below are postponed  until normal face to face teaching can be resumed.*
Edible Landscaping offers unique gardening courses and workshops that will enable you to learn all aspects of designing, maintaining and enjoying your own edible garden. Courses can be tailor made for individuals, groups or organisations and be taught within your premises. We have university accredited courses in edible garden design administered by Cardiff University. Plus we have courses and workshops based at our own 1 acre edible garden and smallholding, one of the most advanced edible, permaculture, urban landscapes in the UK.

Students picking raspberries on a tour of the Edible Landscaping garden. © Michele Fitzsimmons

Students preparing the cardboard for sheet mulching in the Edible Landscaping garden. © Michele Fitzsimmons


Designing your Edible Garden

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food, but thought you did not have the time? This Designing your Edible Garden course will explain how to design for a low maintenance food growing garden using permaculture principles. It will show you how there is no divide between growing for the household and at the same time creating a wildlife haven and a garden for relaxation. And of course a garden that is beautiful! Growing veg doesn’t mean your garden needs to look like an allotment! Learn how to design a garden that fits in with your lifestyle, your needs and aspirations.

Some student feedback from previous Designing your Edible Garden courses:

“Brilliant teaching with a wealth of knowledge!”

“It’s been great to draw on Michelle’s knowledge and experience through a variety of methods (presentations, videos, games, questions etc.)”

“Wonderful course and wonderful hospitality.”

“A fabulous course. Michele was an excellent tutor.”

“Garden visit was a winner and opportunities to keep connections / activities going after the course ends.”

“The information has been exceedingly useful. Good vids, visit to the garden was great.”


The Fruit Garden course

Learn how to design, create and maintain a low maintenance edible garden focussing on fruit trees, soft fruit and shade tolerant leafy plants. Based on permaculture principles, this fruit gardening course will take you through designing and drawing up plans for your garden and your maintenance needs – including pruning, pest management and pollination.

Some student feedback from previous Fruit Garden courses:

Trombe Dalbenga growing up the Katy apple tree

“Michele is very knowledgeable and obviously has a passion in this area which shows through in the teaching.”

“Always felt very unsure when it came to pruning my apple tree. The three hour session in Michele’s garden has now given me the confidence I need to prune my neglected apple tree.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the course but was amazed at the concepts discussed and also seen.”

practical gardening lesson

Practical Permaculture Gardening

Learn how to grow food using permaculture and organic food growing techniques. Course includes: seed sowing, transplanting, natural soil management, natural pest management, weed management and more. It’s suitable for those who are just starting out and also for those who are experienced gardeners but curious about learning some new food growing techniques.

Some student feedback from previous Practical Permaculture Gardening courses:

“I loved being in your garden – observing, planting, listening to questions & answers, being able to ask questions.”

“The practical element has been fantastic. The hands on approach is engaging and learning thStudents sheet mulching on the course Practical Permaculture Gardening in the Edible Landscaping garden. © Michele Fitzsimmonsrough doing gives greater confidence when using the same techniques at home.”

“Michele’s wealth of knowledge and her permaculture garden design has been an abundant source of learning, experimenting & experiencing.”

“I have done the theory course before with Michelle and this course was a rare opportunity to compliment that.”


di gardeneign

Designing a Community Garden

Designing a Community Garden course is aimed at groups and / or organisations who are developing an area of land which they want to create and maintain together.  The course covers not only how to create a physical design which is fit for purpose for your space  but also explores how the garden can fulfil the needs of a variety of stakeholders – everybody from the volunteers, to the landowner, to the funders, to the visiting public. The final sessions are spent with all class participants drafting and agreeing a final layout for their garden.

If you are part of a group who is developing an area of land together then this course is ideal for you. There is funding out there for this type of course and I can provide guidance on this.

Chapter Arts Centre Community Garden. Designer - Michele Fitzsimmons. Installed by Canton Community Gardens. ©Michele Fitzsimmons

Some student feedback from my recent course at Bridgend Carers Centre:

“Informative, Inspiring & Fun! Thank you”

“Thank you for a most amazing and exciting experience.”

“Thank you so much Michelle. This course has offered such a lot and worked at so many levels.”

“This has been great – now the work begins! Thank you.”


CONTACT DETAILS: – for course outline & further information.

TUTORS: Michele Fitzsimmons / Liz Court

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wild plant identification

Gourmet Foraging for Wild Food

Foraging in the hedgerow. © Michele FitzsimmonsEdible Landscaping offers a wide range of foraging experiences:

  • Hedgerow foraging
  • Coastal foraging
  • Garden & Urban Foraging

These experiences can be enjoyed as a two hour foraging walk or as an all day forage and gourmet cook up.

Two hour foraging walk:

  • a leisurely  stroll sampling in-season foliage, flowers and fruits which includes:
    • foraging health & safety
    • foraging ethics
    • identification & sampling of the nicest in-season and edible
    • identification of poisonous species

Fee: £20

Whole Day foraging & gourmet cook up:

  • a leisurely  stroll sampling in-season foliage, flowers and fruits which includes:
    • foraging health & safety
    • foraging ethics
    • identification & sampling of the nicest in-season and edible
    • identification of poisonous species
    • gathering of abundant wild plants for use in the gourmet cook up
  • a gourmet cook up where the gathered plants are made into a number of delicious dishes.
  • Best of all – sitting down and eating it!

Fee: £60

blackberry fruit resized
Just Blackberries – whole day workshop:

  • meet at the rendezvous point where there is an abundance of blackberries
  • gather enough blackberries to make a variety of dishes
  • cycle* to the Edible Landscaping kitchen to make three creations chosen from recipe options:
    • Blackberry & Apple Low Sugar Fruit Spread
    • Blackberry Crumble
    • Blackberry Syrup
    • Blackberry Wine
    • Participants contributions
  • take home samples & recipes


*If you’d like to join this workshop but don’t cycle let us know as there will be other transport options

Fee: £60

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Practical Gardening Workshops

Edible Gardening Workshops

Pick & Cook

Yellow Summer Squash. © Michele Fitzsimmons

Harvest a range of seasonal fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, unusual edibles and wild plants from Edible Landscaping’s wonderful permaculture garden and create some great wild fusion dishes. Finish off with dining on your magnificent results and a glass of Edible Landscaping’s very own apple wine. A relaxed fun day of glorying in nature’s bounty. Sound good to you? Drop us a line!


Weeds are Wonderful!

Nettles are one of best and tastiest greens to eat in early spring. Nettle soup and nettle fritters are really yummy! © Michele FitzsimmonsLearn about creating a wilder garden, where weeds are useful. Weeds don’t have to be simply unwanted plants; many weeds can be integrated into your food and wildlife plans for your garden. This workshop includes identifying weed species & their uses, setting up a weed liquid manure system & making a perennial and weed salad. Email for info.

Powerful Predators

Adult hoverfly on Cat's Ear flower. © Michele FitzsimmonsLearn how to manage your pests in an environmentally friendly way. Create a garden which has nature at its heart and where the natural world helps you to produce food. This workshop includes natural pest management & integrated pest management (IPM), understanding & identifying pests & pest predators, creating wildlife habitats, biodiversity & wildlife friendly gardening techniques. Email for info.


The Secrets of the SoilFertile organic soil. © Michele Fitzsimmons

Understand just what is going in that soil of yours! The workshop covers basic soil science – (including the importance of soil dwelling creatures, bacteria and fungi in the soil ecology), soil management, composting and the eco-friendly and no-dig technique of sheet mulching. Email for info.

Edible Garden Design

concept #1d (2) -cropped (640x487)

Want to sort out your edible garden but just don’t know where to start? Want advice on how you can have a beautiful, edible, wildlife friendly garden, that’s low maintenance and a delight to be in? This workshop is the answer to your cry for help. The workshop includes assessing the potential of your garden, measuring & drawing to scale, creating a simple edible garden design on paper, plus expert advice on how you can improve the design of your garden with suggestions of unusual edibles and ornamental edible plants. Want your garden sorted? Then send us an email!

Growing Veg from Scratch

Students learn how to germinate seeds on a permaculture course and horticulture course in Cardiff, WalesA completely practical gardening workshop, that gets right back to basics – growing plants from seed. The course includes:
  • seed germination techniques
  • creating the right compost for different seeds
  • correct watering
  • sheet mulching
  • preparing a seed bed and sowing directly

 edible organic gardening
Seasonal variation may affect the above list of activities. Email for info.

General info:

These Edible Gardening Workshops cost £60 per person  and run with a minimum of 7 people. Special courses can be arranged if you have a group who would like to attend. Just let us know if you would like to take part and we will get back to you with all the details.

Student feedback from courses:

“Clear delivery, good visual aids,useful practical work”
“Michele is really entertaining, had fun in the soil game”
“The course was informative, well structured and well run. Entertaining but also really useful.”
“Thanks for a really brilliant course which has given me the confidence to start gardening.”
“The observation exercise was a revelation. I did not know how little I understood soil science and how I was getting it wrong. I now appreciate the value of flowers in pest control.”
“Michele makes even watering your garden interesting.”
“My questions were all answered very clearly.”
“Presentation of the course has been good. I have enjoyed gaining an understanding of the course and have learnt a lot about subjects which I haven’t encountered.”
“It was well presented, easily understood. Enjoyed the practical aspects, also the availability to ask questions.”
“Michele is very knowledgeable and obviously has a passion in this area which shows through in the teaching”
“My thanks go to Michelle – I have never before experienced ‘mulching’ and its an experience I’ll probably never forget! I have learnt a great deal and enjoyed sharing experiences with the rest of the group.”

Garden Tours

ripe figs w. fennel fgd (2) (640x480)Get to explore the Edible Landscaping garden up close. Join us on a leisurely but informative walk around our edible, wildlife, permaculture garden. We will introduce you to a variety of unusual edible plants. There will be an opportunity to taste the various plants in our garden & discuss the methods we have used to create an edible garden. The tours last approximately 3 hours, include afternoon tea and are conducted from June – October. The cost of the tour is £150 in  total (regardless of how many people – there is no per head cost). We take a maximum of 15 people. Please feel free to email if you would like more info &/or would like to book a tour.

 wild food