An ornamental edible garden.


This appears to be an ornamental garden but in fact all the plants here are edible! A garden like this consists mostly of perennial plants which can include culinary herbs, vegetables, herbs for tea, medicinal plants and edible flowers you can serve in your salad. Once planted it will be low maintenance and will come back year after year.

Welcome to Edible Landscaping

Edible Landscaping is an education and design business with over 20 years experience in edible gardens, organic fruit and veg growing, permaculture, symbiotic and natural gardening, wildlife gardens, bee friendly gardens and edible forest gardening.

Edible Landscaping offers the ultimate green design service for any garden or public space. From the initial informal chat about your garden right through to completion, Edible Landscaping can design and install the perfect garden for you.

An Edible Landscape is a food producing landscape which is completely in tune with nature. One way of seeing it is that you are creating an wildlife garden full of frogs, birds and insects and all manner of wildlife which also provides food for the household. In the gardens I design nature is integral to the health and resilience of your edible garden.

A naturalistic garden which combines the ornamental with food production and wildlife habitats.  

A garden like this combines ornamental touches with wildlife features. Also incredibly productive!

Edible gardens can be beautiful as well as productive – they can provide edible plants, medicines or wildlife havens and still remain food for the soul. From a palette of thousands of edible perennial and annual plants, Edible Landscaping can enable you to combine beauty with purpose.

I have designed all kinds of edible landscapes for all kinds of spaces - right from small terraced gardens through to schools through to large acreage farms. If you like a naturalistic feel, want to attract wildlife and grow lots of food - I can design and install the perfect garden for you. If you like some order and more defined areas but would like birds and insects to visit your garden and have some food crops I can design and install the perfect garden for you.

Please contact me if you are an individual, business or community group interested in a design and / or garden installation or participating in a course or workshop or simply wanting to learn more about creating an edible landscape.

Blackberry fruit Rowanberries Green Fig Rubus calycinoides ‘Emerald Carpet’ pear